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After the success of the Stretch Story Box project and in direct response to an emerging need from the offending community we are luanching a new programme for the next 3 years with the aim of closing the 'digital divide' between prisoners and the rest of the community.
Digital story telling has been a real success and a really creative way to hear the true voice of the offending community. 
Nick Hardwick, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons, in the report Through the Gateway writes:

“We can’t go on with prisons in a pre-internet dark age: inefficient, wasteful and leaving prisoners woefully unprepared for the real world they will face on release. I have not met one prison professional who does not think drastic change is needed.”
From The Archives
Drop- In Studio Photography at two hostels for homeless people in York.
We spent time talking to people who dropped in, looking at examples of photography and portraiture and thinking about how the participants would like to represent themselves in a photo.
The two hostels Arclight and Baseline opened their doors to us with a portable studio  and the people who lived there or who dropped in during the day were very willing to have their photos taken in a studio setting, and in deciding which photo of themselves they would be happy to have in a final poster. 
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Our Team
Cheryl Clarke

Cheryl Clarke was a founding Trustee of  Stretch and has been a supporter since its inception. Cheryl runs her own business called Mushroom Media and provides advice for Carlotta and the team around public relations and business planning.

Garnet Dore

Garnet Dore is a nationally acclaimed fine artist with a studio at Dean Clough. Garnet brings his blend of charisma and technical skill to groups of young people who need guidance

Education Staff

"My class were impressed by the bravery of the girls who created the films. They said they "spoke for all of us" - a great project with clear value for the women"

Education Staff

Exhibiting art work at the Otley Courthouse

"Simon has really bought into the STRETCH award programme and has gained a massive amount in the areas of self esteem & personal progress. 

Simon's Keyworker
June 2012 "

Exhibiting art work at the Otley Courthouse


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