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After the success of the Stretch Story Box project and in direct response to an emerging need from the offending community we are luanching a new programme for the next 3 years with the aim of closing the 'digital divide' between prisoners and the rest of the community.
Digital story telling has been a real success and a really creative way to hear the true voice of the offending community. 
Nick Hardwick, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons, in the report Through the Gateway writes:

“We can’t go on with prisons in a pre-internet dark age: inefficient, wasteful and leaving prisoners woefully unprepared for the real world they will face on release. I have not met one prison professional who does not think drastic change is needed.”
From The Archives
Stretch ran an innovative project in partnership with London's V&A museum. They approached Stretch looking for ways to take their collections to closed the closed estate of a prison.
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Our Team
James Preedy

James Preedy is working as a fundraiser for Stretch. He brings with him 15 years legal experience as a solicitor. Working recently in criminal law he has a passion for supporting the  welfare of the marginalised groups Stretch aims to reach. James played a significant role in securing the Big Lottery Reaching Communities Grant for Horizons. 

Cheryl Clarke

Cheryl Clarke was a founding Trustee of  Stretch and has been a supporter since its inception. Cheryl runs her own business called Mushroom Media and provides advice for Carlotta and the team around public relations and business planning.

Sabine Zanker

"We strive to encourage the women to develop and grow and learn in prison so that they do not regard the time spent in prison as a lost time. The digital story telling workshops help the women to develop the necessary self confidence to reflect on their lives and develop some ambitions."

Sabine Zanker
Hibiscus project worker

NIACE Evaluation Story Box September 2013

"We would like to thank you for the commitment to making the project a success. It is a delight to work with such a talented and professional organisation as yours"

NIACE Evaluation Story Box September 2013


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