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Story Telling at Initiatives of Change
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After the success of the Stretch Story Box project and in direct response to an emerging need from the offending community we are luanching a new programme for the next 3 years with the aim of closing the 'digital divide' between prisoners and the rest of the community.
Digital story telling has been a real success and a really creative way to hear the true voice of the offending community. 
Nick Hardwick, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons, in the report Through the Gateway writes:

“We can’t go on with prisons in a pre-internet dark age: inefficient, wasteful and leaving prisoners woefully unprepared for the real world they will face on release. I have not met one prison professional who does not think drastic change is needed.”
From The Archives
Each week for over a year Stretch artist Chris Sherwin has been working with young men at Eastmoor. Chris runs art workshops with the young men and there has been a real buzz around work that has been produced. A great way to bring the art work together to share with people and celebrate the creativity of these young men is through a calendar. The 2013 calendar was brilliant and we already have a few photos from the 2014 calendar . Check out this sneak peak....
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Our Team
Kay Goodridge

Kay Goodridge is a freelance photographer and artist who has worked with Stretch since 2005.
She has prioritised developing her own practice as a visual artist alongside her work as a community artist, teacher, organiser and facilitator, and has worked with a wide range of people. She is committed to the power of creativity to change lives and attitudes. http://

Garnet Dore

Garnet Dore is a nationally acclaimed fine artist with a studio at Dean Clough. Garnet brings his blend of charisma and technical skill to groups of young people who need guidance

Art from Eastmoor Secure Unit

"I didn’t used to work in lessons, but art is relaxing and...different. "

Art from Eastmoor Secure Unit

Goodbye Stretch


Gemma Woffinden leaves Stretch to take on a new post at the WY Playhouse. Gemma said  thank you to Carlotta for all her  support. Gemma feels she has learnt so much from working with so  many brilliant people during this year.


Goodbye Stretch


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