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My first visit to prison!
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After the success of the Stretch Story Box project and in direct response to an emerging need from the offending community we are luanching a new programme for the next 3 years with the aim of closing the 'digital divide' between prisoners and the rest of the community.
Digital story telling has been a real success and a really creative way to hear the true voice of the offending community. 
Nick Hardwick, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons, in the report Through the Gateway writes:

“We can’t go on with prisons in a pre-internet dark age: inefficient, wasteful and leaving prisoners woefully unprepared for the real world they will face on release. I have not met one prison professional who does not think drastic change is needed.”
From The Archives
On January 28th 2013, Arts Award moderator Nicolette Hobson came to meet our Stretch artists and the talented young people from our Horizons project. This moderation was slightly different from previous moderations as we used it as an opportunity to celebrate all the work that had taken place over the last year. The celebration event was held at the eclectic arts emporium, Full Circle in Leeds. The evening was a huge success! We were so pleased to see so many young people, staff from local care homes and schools and friends of Stretch come together to celebrate the achievements of our young people. All the young people who produced work for this moderation passed with flying colours. In total there were 21 Bronze Arts Awards and 3 Silver Arts Awards achieved in this moderation covering a range of arts forms such as filmmaking, acting, painting, animation and DJ skills. Horizons project goes from strength to strength as we link with more and more schools, youth groups and care homes.

More photos on our Facebook page :!/pages/Stretch/157833440971938
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Our Team
Cheryl Clarke

Cheryl Clarke was a founding Trustee of  Stretch and has been a supporter since its inception. Cheryl runs her own business called Mushroom Media and provides advice for Carlotta and the team around public relations and business planning.

Gemma Woffinden

Gemma is our drama person! She has brought lively strand of work to the Horizons project: different styles of theatre from text and visual stimulii , making films to reviewing plays,  generally having fun and taking creative risks that build confidence! 

Dzasmina - Cooperative Academy

"I liked working with the scripts, it makes me more comfortable so i dont have to worry about what to say. It was fun, thank you "

Dzasmina - Cooperative Academy

Goodbye Stretch


Gemma Woffinden leaves Stretch to take on a new post at the WY Playhouse. Gemma said  thank you to Carlotta for all her  support. Gemma feels she has learnt so much from working with so  many brilliant people during this year.


Goodbye Stretch


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